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Cleeve Primary School

School Council

This year the School Council has returned with a bang! This year we are so happy to be back having meetings face to face. Our school council is made up of 11 pupils from each class in years 2 to 6. These pupils are elected by their classmates.

The council meet once a week to discuss school improvement ideas and voice their opinion on current school practices.

School councillors share their feedback from the weekly meetings to their peers. Each class also have regular discussions on how they can improve the school.

Our school council have made some fantastic contributions to our school.

To decide who our councillors would be for each class, all of the children were given the chance to pitch their ideas and create a presentation! Each class got to vote for who they thought represented their views best.

There is also a ‘Meet Our Councillors’ display in the hall explains who each of the councillors are and what differences they want to make at Cleeve.

So far this year, we have created a timetable of exciting events for ‘Golden Ticket Time’ with Mrs Bell! This is for 30 pupils who have 100% attendance that week. They will get to do a range of activities such as, Just Dance, party day, hot chocolate and so many more!

The School Councillors have also made a newsletter this term! They focused on Paul, who is Cleeve’s attendance mascot! Paul stands for:

P – Pack your bags

A – Always arrive on time

U – Uniform out for the morning

L – Look out for your attendance prize

We have also focused on Healthy Eating. The children created the ‘Greedy Goblin’ character! The Greedy Goblin is trying to takeover the hall at dinnertime with unhealthy food. The children have to fight back by choosing healthy options in their packed-lunch and for school dinners. There is a contest for all pupils to draw their own Greedy Goblins. The winner’s will be made into a poster and displayed around the school. Stay tuned for the winner!

The School Council are really excited to continue improving the school over the course of the year!