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2020-2021 Financial Allocation

Our pupil premium allocation for 2020 – 2021:  £310,695

How we identify and address barriers to learning faced by individual pupils:

Barriers to learning are identified through everyday teaching practice and discussed in detail for each Pupil Premium child during regular ‘Pupil Progress meetings’ following assessments in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.  These checks are led by senior leaders, which include the Head of school, deputy head and phase leader. Our SENCo and deputy SENCo also work closely with the teachers to ensure that potential barriers are identified.

  • Pupil Progress meetings ensure that:
    • Progress and attainment of each pupil is discussed;
    • Barriers to learning are identified and recorded;
    • Impact of current interventions is evaluated and strategies/provision re-considered and altered as required;
    • Appropriate targeted interventions and support are instigated

Summary of the main barriers to educational achievement faced by eligible pupils at the school:

  • Identified Special Educational Needs
  • Speech and Language & social communication difficulties
  • Social, emotional and mental health
  • Low parental engagement
  • Low attendance

How pupil premium funding is spent to address identified barriers and the reasons for the approaches

How Pupil Premium funding is spent

Reasons for approaches

Literacy and maths coordinators invest in the most relevant resources.

Increase progress and attainment in reading, writing and mathematics, plus development of language, communication and social skills

ELSA – delivered by trained ASA

 Language development and building of confidence and self-esteem

Attendance Officer focus

Increase attendance of identified pupils to enable greater access to learning

Speech and Language in school focus groups


ASAs focus on teaching and learning      


Improve communication skills, which will impact directly on learning through development of speaking, listening, reading and writing


To support the class teacher with raising the children’s attainment and further progress.


Free Breakfast club

This ensures that the children have a healthy breakfast and are therefore more focused on their school work. This also supports with improving attendance.

Art therapy

To support with social, emotional and mental health


The school employs staff purely to   focus on attendance, safeguarding and behaviour.

To ensure that their most vulnerable pupils are constantly monitored and have all support systems in place.

A range of visits and visitors

 Practical experiences to inspire children as readers and writers

 Initiative from last year will continue – please see pupil premium impact document.

The next strategy review will take place in September 2021.